An Inauguration for the Ages

The spirits of the civil rights movement--and movements for social justice everywhere--were with Obama on this historic Inauguration Day. Artist John Mavroudis imagines the occasion --one witnessed not in flesh and blood, but in the bonds of justice and peace.
The historical figures that helped make Obama's inauguration possible. The site includes a key to who all the people are. This is really remarkable... and I've got some learning to do about who many of these people are. I'm just a typical white girl with a long way to go.

And a beautifully touching video by Amy Dixon-Kolar:

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The Committed Parent

I've been catching up on my online reading tonight... returning to the open tabs that have been patiently waiting for my attention. This last hour I've been captivated reading Mark Brady over at The Committed Parent. My mind is spinning with thoughts about synaesthesia, the many different ways that our brains work, the value of teaching children about deeply listening to their bodies and honoring what they hear, "the importance of creative allies - significant people who “get” us in ways that allow us to feel embraced and welcomed in all our weirdness and divergence." I am deeply moved by the loving story of the death of a dear heart and the impact of taking the time to teach someone to dance, and my mind is so curious about all the different brain functions and conditions like heterotopagnosia.

Mark is a talented writer that marries storytelling, science, education, art and inquiry into very inspiring offerings. Do check him out... and thank you, Mark.

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5 years, 555 times

Happy Belated Birthday, Easily Amazed! In November, this webl (blog) turned 5 years old. Yesterday I posted the 555th post. That's cause to celebrate!!

In the old days when this place of expression and connection was just being birthed, it looked a little like the picture to the left. And then my curiosity about how to personalize blogger reached it's peek and the new look found it's way into being. Now, my friends, it's almost time for phase 3, the next formation of this house of creation.

As we've heard, change is on the horizon... it is arriving. I don't know exactly what this will mean for the next version of easily amazed. I do know that I'm excited to find out! Thank you, beautiful blue and your radiant invitation, for being a cozy place where I could find my voice and share with others.

Stay tuned...


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Together We Can Make a Difference: Opening Space with Children

I feel blessed and thankful to live a life that includes so many opportunities to be inspired. On January 20th, 2009 after President Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony I had the opportunity to spend my day hosting 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders in Open Space.

The idea was birthed in a planning committee with 3 third grade students. They decided the questions that would guide the our time together:


What is something that you think is important
in our school or in our world that you would like to discuss?

The planning committee opened the space with a poem and a story.
The opening poem by Mila Kopp:

And another student told a story:
Once you get older it’s harder for people to change your mind so you’re not as much of a help to the community when they’re trying to think of something to do or when something’s wrong and they need help and are deciding what to do. For instance, with my grandfather, it’s really hard for people to change his mind because he just thinks one thing is right and if something else is right and someone tells him, because he’s older, it’s a lot harder to change his mind and it might not even happen.
You can read more about the topics they discussed, their notes, and their closing remarks at Educating For Wholeness.

Here are a few of my favorite comments:
  • STOP Globle Warming (happy voice) in ten years (Deep Voice)
  • make a complante to the president
  • Invent vical that runs on trash or sun, rain
  • Nicely tell others to be nice
  • Help stop war by traiding reciorses
  • If you are shy talk
  • If you are a chatterbox let others have a chance to speak
  • I agree with (another student) that you don’t need that many people, you only need like 5, you don’t need like 15 or 20 or 50. You don’t need huge numbers like that.
  • I learned that when everyone pitches in just a little bit, it can make a giant difference.
  • I discovered how pollution can make the air dirty and hurt people and animals
  • I discovered a lot of people have ideas too.
  • I discovered that once you think about it, there is a lot more waste
  • I learned it can actually be pretty fun to work with other people
  • Teacher: I learned that you all can have important conversations by yourselves and that you don’t need the adults there. I also learned that you can self-organize what you want to talk about.
  • I discovered there is a lot of things to change and like President Obama, we should start.

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Kara Brown Loves Art

The new avatar that debuted below was created by Kara Brown with KaraBrownLovesArtIf it speaks to you and you think you might want one of your own, do consider contacting Kara! I imagine that there is a whole community of beings patiently waiting for us to invite them to life... other sides of ourselves that are ready for that artistic mirror to reflect our beauty and magic. I'd be delighted to re-unite with this community of beings!!

Perhaps you have an online presence, website, blog, Facebook or Myspace page or Twitter account. Maybe you post to an online forum. Now might be the time to bring your own superstar avatar to life!

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I'd like to introduce you to my girl! Hold steady because she is checkin you out! With a keen eye noticing what-is and receptive antennas directly connected to divine frequencies and hidden delights, she's listening deeply, watching closely and loving fully. Alive, awake and ready to play, her superstar vision is activated and hot, following inspiration and passion, bringing magic into being! And, of course, you can't resist her beauty, an open-hearted invitation inviting you to release into what's possible and live life fully... so jump in, let's go!

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The Eternal Human Yearning To Be...

I was reading a fabulous article by Parker Palmer this morning and enjoyed this definition of Spirituality:
"Spirituality" is an elusive word with a variety of definitions—some compelling, some wifty, some downright dangerous. The definition I have found most helpful is simply this: spirituality is the eternal human yearning to be connected with something larger than our own egos.

...[this definition] performs a key function of any good definition by giving us a place from which to launch an exploration.

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Illustrating this next chapter

collages on my current multi-purpose notebook

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The Possibility of Transparency, Authenticity, Inspiration

A comment I left at Change.gov this morning... and now I'll share it with you:

Last night, December 31st, 2008, I was out walking the dog with my friend. The new year turning point was approaching. My friend said to me, wouldn't it be wonderful if Obama released a short, inspiring expression encouraging people about what is possible in this new year. We dreamed together for a bit about how inspiring it would be for Obama to evoke such optimism and potential at this transition time that is celebrated by so many Americans.

I replied, "Maybe he could say, "I know there are many things that you would like to hear me talk about right now (Gaza being one on my mind), and yet at this moment I would like to invite... (and then inspire us with words for 2009)."

My friend and I then marveled at what a new reality it is that we genuinely believe it is possible that our president would publicly say something that is transparent, authentic and inspiring. How different it is to be excited that my president might speak and to believe that he has the power to influence and inspire people's attitudes towards creating a more just and sustaining world that works for all.

There is a long way to go and I believe it will require great effort on the parts of many to actualize the change we believe in... and I am so incredibly encouraged by the amount of potential and possibility that is ready to be activated by the inauguration of our new president... and the social responsibility that us citizens can begin actualizing under his leadership.

photo by GNIKRJ

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