Sequoia Prayer


When I feel tiny, weak and trembling

Or pulled this way and that by swirls of change,

Too insignificant to be of service,

Too "uprooted" to hold my ground,

I pray my Sequoia prayer.

Sitting quietly, breathing normally, becoming centered in the present moment--

in this holy instant --

My mind's eye gradually forms an image of a giant Sequoia.

My Sequoia prayer takes form in my heart and soul

As the image forms and fleshes out to fill my being.

Centuries-old roots so wide and deep they have become part of the earth.

Supporting enormous, gnarled trunk that soars into the sky,

Eternity wrinkles carved into its surface, holding character markings for the ages,

Thick, porous bark skin covering the body, letting the trunk breathe,

protecting it from the fires that must come to support its growth.

Green leaves gushing out the top, reaching to the heavens,

Nurturing birds and other beings, offering up limbs as if in prayer.

Awareness of Spirit fills my soul.

Sequoia fills my being.


Down into the Earth,

Deep into the Soul,

Strong into the body,

Breathing calmly. sitting quietly, praying trustingly, becoming. .

Grounded in humanity,

Rooted in Spirit,

Striving ever upward,

My Sequoia prayer fills my cells, my lungs, my heart, my brain,

my soul, my being.

With love, grace and light.

With joy and hope.

With the strength of Creator I need to go on/


From: Women's Uncommon Prayers, an Episcopal Women's Prayer Guide

D. Monteen Lucas

photo source

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